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Good news, Steve Jobs is back, at least for today, because he come back briefly from his medical leave.

More good news, he come back to present next generation of Apple tablet – iPad 2, on the event that we had announced earlier.New iPad generation

Thinner, lighter and with two cameras, in general all speculations and rumors that we had heard about the next iPad was true.

We didn’t expected to see Steve today, but he was just too exited about this event, and the product that he just didn’t want to miss the big day. And on the other side, Apple company gratly depends on it’s messiah, when he went to medical leave – stocks went down.

After more then 15 Millions iPad sold, and a year passed by, it was the perfect timing to present the successor.  Year ago iPad turn the market upside-down – basically created the new market that didn’t even existed before, and not just that but establish iPad as an industry standard and absolute category leader with over 90% tablet market share.

Main hardware improvements and what’s the main difference between two generations of iPad are: dual core processor, faster graphics processor(9x faster according to Apple), front and back camera and built in gyro.

New iPad has a 9.7 inch diagonal screen with the same resolution as the previous model – 1024×768 pix. As expected iPad 2.0 is thinner and lighter but still it has the same battery life, up to 10 hours of usage – or month in stand-by mode. It’s amazing that Apple fit all those improvements in just 590 – with remaining the same battery life.

Also, iPad 2 is coming in two colors, not the most important thing in a life, but there is something in white iphones and other Apple products.

Few features that come up with the new iPad are: new screen protector, which can be used like a stand, and the new version of iOS, iPhone and iPad operating system 4.3.