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For the ultimate in portability, the Iomega eGo Portable 250GB hard drive is the perfect device for all of your needs. Unlike what many people think there is no reason to have a big huge device just so you can have an external hard drive, with a size of only .75 inches long and 3.5 inches wide and a mere 5.25 inches high this is one of the smallest and cutest hard drives you will find around. A quite generously sized 250-gig size ensures that you have plenty of room to back up all of your files as well.

Iomega eGo Portable 250GB hard drive

With software included that will allow you to quickly and easily create backups of your hard drive in addition to the easy plug and play connection style this can easily be the perfect hard drive for those users who have either a desktop or a laptop model. Adding to the flexibility of the Iomega eGo Portable 250GB hard drive even further is the ability to quickly and easily take it with you, or even connect it to an Apple computer and a PC without any major complications.

The ultimate flexibility is realized when you discover that carrying around your files does not have to be something that is so heavy that you always look for excuses to leave it at home. With a nice and simple size this is the ultimate option for anyone who needs to have the ability to quickly and easily transport files without having to use constant flash drives that only hold a couple of gigs of files. With a nice bright color and sleek design, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the perfect portable hard drive.