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IntelBringing the best advances to the market possible Intel has brought out some of their newest technological treasures in the Z-P140 PATA Solid-State storage drives. With two different versions to choose from, the first being the 2GB and the second the 4GB you are looking at a great way to improve your system. The best news is the 2GB model is upgradable to 8GB and the 4GB model is able to go up to an impressive 16GB. With the ability to easily change the size as well as use any platform that is using PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment) on an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you are facing a lot of options.

The overall size is a very small 12 x 18 x 1.8 mm, which is considered to be as tiny as 400 times smaller than the traditional hard drives that grace traditional desktop computers each day. Imagine the incredible opportunities that are available using a component this small with this much capability, you are looking at a great benefit. The read speeds for the drives are also shaping up quite nicely with a generous 40MB per second and a very impressive 30MB per second write speed so you can write the data you are storing almost as quickly as you can retrieve it.

The primary purpose of these sleek little Z-P140 PATA solid-state drives is for mobile computing, yet with the impressive power and capability, it will not be long before they start emerging into other areas as well. The overall benefits of no moving parts, as well as the extremely low usage of power is looking to really open the doors of some companies to start offering newer and better storage solutions that are able to keep up with the growing demands that consumers have in terms of what they are looking for and what is acceptable. Expect new electronics to start emerging with this technology around 2008 as Intel starts rolling these new storage devices out for others to start using.