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Inka Pen – pen for extreme conditions

Uncategorized author: Djuki 09.13.2006 2

Inka Corporation developed the most reliable per for hursh environment: the Inka Pen. This pen is extreme temperatures resistant, and it is watertight, so you can use it everywhere. It is perfect gift for sportsmen and adventure people. The Ink cartridge is pressurized, so you can write even under the water. Inka pen can take temperature from -30° F to 300° F.

Inka Pen

The Inka Pen is made from high-strength aerospace-grade materials: carbon fiber and 304 stainless components. This materials make this pen so lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. The barrel is hardened, CNC machined and centerless ground. Inka logo is laser engraved. You can have your logo on Inka Pen, witch is perfect for gifts, and special events.

We run over Inka Pen by a car

Inka Pen

Inka Pen

This stailness stell pen is key-chain, full-size pen and PDA stylus at the same time. When Inka Pen is closed you can attach it to your keys, then you can easily transform it to full-sized pen or PDA Stylus like on this picture. The PDA Stylus is made with Delrin, the material witch is specified for stylus tip by major PDA manufacturers.

Inka Pen

You don’t need any other pen anymore, because Inka Pen is pen for lifetime. We tested Inka Pen in extreme conditions, and our testing didn’t left any scratch. First we run over this pen by a car once, and there was no damage. Then we try this few times more, and gave up because Inka Pen doesn’t show any signs of giving up. Then we put Inka Pen in freezer for one hour. It was frosty but still working. At the end we put it in the glass of water, for twenty minutes and then try to write with it. Inka Pen has overshot our expectation, it survive and working well after all our test.

Abou Inka Corporation:
Inka Corporation was founded by engineer-entrepreneur Greg Adelman. His more than 13 years of experience as an engineer include designing and developing optical research instrumentation for Scripps Institution of Oceanography and manufacturing de-mining equipment for the U.S. military and NATO. Adelman has always been relied upon to provide innovative solutions and develop instrumentation that will perform reliably in the harshest environments. He now focuses his passion for design and attention to detail to this unique product category of all-weather writing instruments.

Visit Inka Corporation web site for more info.