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iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system

Speakers author: Mark 09.27.2007 Comments Off

iLuv 9200 iPodWhen you want to combine your old favorite CDs with the latest iPod technology, a device like the iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system comes in very handy. iLuv call their product a “vertical audio system”, as it features 4 CD bays on each side of the console. The CD bys have sliding doors created from transparent plastic, which ads well to the white surface of the iLuv 9200. The iPod docking station and the FM/AM radio bring the final touches to this interesting home entertainment option.

Although there is no subwoofer attached to the iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system, you do get the option of adding one via a dedicated output. The speakers can be wither placed on detachable stands or mounted on the walls. The speaker cord is long enough so you don’t have to worry about running out of it in larger rooms. The upper part of the iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system also houses the iPod dock. The dock is not visible when not in use and it also serves as a charger for your iPod.

iLuv 9200 iPod

The system works well if you’re not after the best quality out there. The price is also on the budget side. The plastics and materials used to create it are ok, but the remote control is a bit too large. Some noise is heard when the CD doors are opening up, but other than that the iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system offers above average quality. The sound quality coming from the iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system is, however, very good. There is unnoticeable sound resonance and the device is prompt to answer remote control commands.

While the iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system is not packed with the latest in iPod technology and it has a few flaws that will probably annoy users every now and then, it is a device that delivers, for the kind of price it sells for (£160 in the United Kingdom). Direct competitors of the iLuv 9200 iPod speaker system should also be looked at when shopping for this sort of home entertainment electronic device.