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HP Photosmart M437

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.16.2007 Comments Off


The newest HP camera brings a nice easy interface that anyone can use with a few great features to ensure that it is a highly easy to use product for everyone. With a 5 MP ability as well as 5x digital zoom you are going to be snapping pictures in no time with this great piece. In addition to the 5 x digital zoom, there is also 3x optical zoom, which gives you a total of 15x and puts you exactly where you want to be for virtually any picture.

HP has added a great anti-shake feature to this camera that helps to reduce the problem of blur that is especially prone in low light pictures and also gives you a nice large 2” screen for the viewfinder. With only a small 16MB internal memory included you are likely going to need to get an additional card to offer you more storage space, but it is not a requirement if you are only looking for a camera for occasional usage.

The ability to simply pick up the camera and start snapping pictures has been heavily emphasized with the simple and easy to maneuver menus as well as easy selection of features. This camera is truly designed for those who are looking for a simple and easy to use interface that still provides amazing pictures. No extensive training required to produce beautiful pictures.


Overall, this is a great camera that is only 3.78 inches long and very small. Easy to use, plenty of great features and a wonderful quality picture awaits in a sleek silver body. This is one of the easiest to use point and shoot cameras available for the time being and makes a great solution for those who are not interested in loads of advanced features that tend to be a waste of space. Beautiful photographs are easy and simple to do with the HP Photosmart M437 camera, and of course coming from HP, you know it is a great product.