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HP iPAQ hw6515 PDA Phone

Uncategorized author: Djuki 03.11.2006 Comments Off


  • Processor: Intel XScale PXA270 312 MHz
  • Memory: 64MB RAM 64MB ROM
  • Screen: 240 X 240 64K color
  • Wireless: GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth, irDA
  • GPS: Integrated GPS
  • Memory Slots: MINI SD and SDIO
  • Operating System: Windows Mobile 2003SE
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 2.8″ x .83″ x 4.65″
  • Weight: 5.82oz

The iPAQ hw6515 looks really awesome and powerfully. This unit is not so big as it looks, it is very light, and it is only little bigger than some of the best Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones out there. HP iPAQ hw6515 have plastic protective screen, witch you can easily remove. You can use this PDA Phone without worrying about it getting scratch on something.

hp ipaq hw 6515

The stylus is a lightweight plastic material. Screen is nice and bright with 240×240 resolution. The built in QWERTY Keyboard is really quite nice, you can type on it just fine. The direction buttons are easy to use, and make this unit really simple to “one hand” for most phone operations. When HP iPAQ hw6515 is in Phone mode, the gray keys are the number pad, just like the Treo 650.

Bluetooth usage with this device is very good. The Bluetooth drivers are upgraded from the Microsoft Stack to a superior 3rd party stack. The result is rave reviews on the Bluetooth performance.

hp ipaq hw 6515

hp ipaq hw 6515

The HP iPAQ hw5615 has integrated GPS. GPS system was tested many times, and it works very fine. Connection with Internet is over EDGE technology, and it works perfect. This PDA device also work as a phone. The reception is better then some of the standard feature phones. With the gray number keys on the keyboard, making a call is peace of cake. This unis can take a pictures with 1.3megapixel camera.

HP iPAQ hw6515 has a Intel XScale PXA270 312 Mhz processor and has 64MB RAM and ROM. Applications are running snappy and you can’t have complaints about the speed. This is a Business oriented device and I use it for mostly business.

hp ipaq hw 6515

Operating system is Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. Microsoft has Excel and Word versions, but no Powerpoint. Other notables are the HP Photo Software, Audio Controls, and HP Backup. HP Loads up the device with some free apps and lots of trials.