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HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.08.2007 Comments Off

ipaq500series.jpgEveryone knew HP certainly was not going to stay out of the smart phone business. There is by far way too much money in the smart phone business for any major business to pass up the field. HP’s newest answer is the HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger. This phone is definitely a step in the right direction for HP and has several great features that are amazing and quite functional.

With Windows Mobile 6.0 operating on the phone and the ability to synchronize Outlook and the other great Microsoft Office Mobile tools there are plenty of ways this phone will help you stay organized and productive. Additionally the phone is designed to work heavily with voice commands that allows it to be quite functional and easy to use.

The phone also has the capability of Wi-Fiipaq.jpg a feature that allows it to even plug into a VoiP network to reduce cellular time with the right service. In addition it also boasts a camera, thought the camera is coming in at a very tiny 1.3MP, much lower than most comparable phones that have normally 2MP and higher. While the voice commands and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 are great features, the phone does have a few downsides as well.

The speakerphone function of the HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger has been called bad by numerous standards with very poor call quality on speaker. Another problem with the phone is the lack of keyboard space. The effort to make the screen as large as possible has left the keypad very tiny and hard to use. This is a bad sign for the phone that otherwise boasts the potential to be quite the powerful little phone on the smart phone market.

The resolution of the screen itself is also lacking a bit and gives a slightly blurred and darker picture than many people prefer. For the price range of the phone it is possible to find a better phone, but for those looking towards Windows Mobile 6.0 technology this certainly isn’t a phone to pass over without giving it a good look over in person. With the wide range of features, some of the included features can easily overshadow the missing or flawed features for many users making it a great choice.