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How to outsmart mobile phone manufacturers – cool headphones adapter

Uncategorized author: admin 09.06.2007 Comments Off


Almost all cellphone manufacturers in order to restrict you so you can use only their branded usually over expensive hard to get and poor quality headphones make some kind of proprietary headphone jack on their mobile phone. This is going as far as they change jack on almost every new mobile phone that they produce, so you have to buy a new headset for your new phone.


The 3.5 mm jack for headphones is a standard and you can buy it everywhere, but not many – actually almost none of the phone supports that standard. The easyest solution is getting cheap and good looking adapter from mobile phone plug to the classical 3.5 mm jack. That is another expense, yes but it comes really cheap and it’s available by the price of 820 yens, which is about $7. It’s available in this Japanese store.