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Hi-quality 6isolator™ Earphones

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6isolatorYou’re not satisfied with sound quality of you ipod or some other music player?
You have to push the volume to high just to blackout noisy environment?Players manufactures see at the included earphones as a way to cut expenses, so too often quality of included earphones is more then suspicious. If you are not satisfied with included earphones and you are want to boost up sound experience, block out environment sounds, Etymotic Research holds a solution. Their latest product, 6i Isolator Earphones, offers premium sound quality not distracted by ambiance sounds.
Manufacturer designed those earphones specifically for use with Apple iPod and other portable music players. 6i Isolator Earphones provides in-the-ear secure fit design for optimal sound performance, highly accurate music reproduction with greater sound output and enhanced bass and exceptional background noise isolation.
At first glance that 6i Isolator Earphones are simply beautiful and different from any earphones that you ever see. First time when you plug this earphones in your iPod, there is no coming back to Apple original phones. You will step in totally new dimension of sound, these earphones will allow you to discover new sounds in your favorite songs. With your old phones, you have to tune up the volume at player just to cancel background sounds, which is dangerous for your hearing ability. Because of this earphones premium background sound isolation, volume at your player will be considerably lower. And still you will hear music with such details that you newer heard before. RA
Etymotic Research resign from their standard practiceof neutrally sound reproduction, and added just a little extra bass.
iLounge awards
iLounge the internet’s top site for iPod users and information awarded 6isolator™ Earphones as Best headphone for 2005.
Amount of money that you need to pay for 6isolator™ Earphones is not so negligible, but these earphones are not for everyone. If you know how to appreciate premium sound quality you will appreciate these earphones too. They will never be good as your big $1000 headphones at home but on the road they do not have a match.