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HD DVD Player for Microsoft Xbox 360

Uncategorized author: Spale 03.27.2007 Comments Off

In this article we are going to rate this product by it’s features, price, performance and design as an HD DVD player, not as a game console. If you want to find out more about Xbox 360 as a gaming machine, take a look at GamePro review.

Xbox 360 and HD DVD Player package

Price of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console is $400 and it comes with a built-in DVD drive. As of 2/20/07 Microsoft offers the external HD DVD Player to hook up to the console. If you want to add this gadget to your Xbox that is going to cost you an additional $200. That means that you are going to watch high-def movies and play your favorite Xbox games for $600. But as we all know nothing isn’t perfect and this combination isn’t exception from this rule. It has some serious issues.

Xbox 360 and HD DVD Player combination

Set up of HD DVD player is easy enough for everyone. The procedure is next:

  • connect it to the Xbox via a USB 2.0 cable
  • then install the included Xbox drivers
  • at the back of the Xbox unit you’ll find two USB ports for attaching additional Xbox peripherals such as the Wi-Fi adapter or the Xbox Live Vision Camera

The Xbox’s on screen display for viewing disc playback content looks great and the unit’s response time when loading a disc and exploring it was better than that of the stand alone HD DVD players. Remote that comes with the HD DVD Player has an eject button which controls the Xbox’s DVD drive tray, but not the HD DVD Player’s tray. It’s absurdly that the remote that comes with the HD DVD Player can’t control it’s own tray. That is one of the drawbacks off this player. If you want to open the HD DVD Player itself, you must manually press the button on its front.

HD DVD Player for Xbox 360

Video output quality is another big deficit that is going to stop users to use it as a home theater player. Almost all of the stand alone high definition video players can attach to TV and amplifier via an HDMI connection, which lets you watch hi def movies at their max. quality. The Xbox cant be connected to TV and amplifier via an HDMI connection. Everything it can offer is an connection true analog component video, which produces a decent, but not max. quality high definition image.

Based on our notices, if you don’t already bought an Xbox, you have no real reason to buy these two gadgets to watch HD. A ordinary HD DVD player will give you better video quality(picture and sound), and you don’t have a real reason to run two devices that are doing the job of one.