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Google Phone – Rumors or Facts?

News author: Mark 09.20.2007 Comments Off

When it comes to media giants like Google, rumors are spewed out at an amazing rate. However, one of the most persistent rumors has been that of the Google Phone, a product of the partnership between Google and Orange. An iPhone killer as many journalists have already called it. Entrance in the cell phone and mobile industry would be a huge move for Google, so speculations are abundant.

Google phone rumors

Different “versions” of the Google Phone have already been leaked to blogs and specialty websites. While some insist it is a partnership between Orange and the search engine giant, others claim it’s the secret child of a collaboration with Samsung. Most speculations, however, agree that the Google Phone features an iPhone-like touchscreen navigation. The presence of a GPS device is given as a certainty, mainly because the ideal position of this device would be as an extension of the already famous Google Maps program. Some other innovative features like a combination of Google Talk and Gmail are supposedly available on this device.

While there are no official confirmations from Google CEO Eric Schmidt or any other company representatives, the blogs and review sites are alive with comments, variations and even photos of the Google Phone. Many of these rumors have also been triggered by the fact that Google seems to invest heavily in infrastructure closely related to the mobile industry. Creating a nationwide wireless network would put Google on the first place of mobile internet. And offering smart phones tailored specifically to run with the numerous Google applications would be a step forward for serving Google ads in a new and largely unexploited environment.

Google phone rumors

In fact, many believe that the rumored Google Phone and a customized nationwide wireless network are the perfect way to gain huge numbers of visitors and increase ad serving exposure. With such a network and a terminal like the Google Phone, the company could offer free wireless services and a smart phone priced extremely low. The cost of hardware equipment would be covered by the much larger ad serving space and possibilities.

Of course, all of the scenarios presented before may just be fiction. Google was also rumored to be working on computer hardware equipment, and the rumors lasted for several years, without any hard evidence that this is actually happening. Will we get free phones and free wireless connections at the cost of seeing or hearing some ads every time we use the smart phone? Only time will tell…