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s5800_front.jpgTwo days ago Fuji has presented couple of new digital cameras, not only that but Fuji take a great step to implement mechanical optical image stabilization into their cameras.

Amount seven newly presented models there are also the successor of the S5700 entry level low cost ultra-zoom Fuji’s digital camera. New Fuji’s Finepix S5800, as the predecessor it is not packed with any new braking tech, it have old 8Mpix sensor ( not Fuji’s SuperCCD) and it has only electronic stabilization. itch means that there are no Fuji’s new Sensor shift mechanical stabilization in this camera, and the only way to prevent blurry images in low light conditions is to rise up the sensitivity ( up to ISO1600 ). s5800_back.jpgFuji’s SuperCCD sensor has really remarkable results on higher ISOs but this camera has regular not the SuperCCD.

So in that case what’s the reason to buy such a camera, people asked that same question when Fuji was releasing previous as the mater of fact first entry level – low cost ultra zoom digital camera. It is affordable, you are getting great camera that is worths every dime that you pay even more.