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Canon company created real avalanche of announcements and new model releases with it’s revolutionary announcement just few weeks ago. Before that we were witnessing a bit stall summer. After that Canon’s announcement, Sony’s response was just a second late. After that we got press releases for new Panasonic’s digital cameras and now Fuji releases whole gamma of new digital cameras. This July is a hot hot hot in digital camera world.

fujis8000fd.jpgNot only that Fuji presented new digital cameras, but Fuji implements one feature that has never been seen on the Fuji digital camera, and was the biggest complain that Fuji cameras users had. Optical image stabilization! in Fuji’s cameras now! in combination with more then excellent Fuji SuperCCD sensor is a guarantied success!

Maybe the most interesting camera class is new prosumer ( or bridge class camera, just a step away from dSLR cameras ) the new Fuji Finepix S8000FD. New camera implements 18x optical zoom lens ( 27mm to 486mm 35mm equivalent ). And even more important 8Mpix optical sensor which is stabilizated ( CCD shift). CCD shift is a kind of stabilization when the sensor moves to reduce camera shaking and that way preventing blurry images. Other features of new camera are FD – face detection, up to 15fps shooting ( only at reduced resolution ) and sensitivity up to ISO6400 ( again at reduced resolution ). Also you don’t even have to worry about expensive memory cards cause all new Fuji’s cameras has build in support for XD and much affordable SD/SDHC memory cards.

f50.jpgFuji releases the sucessor of the great F30/F31 compact camera, just to the reminder, that was the cameras with realy exceptional results in low light situations that are requiring high sensitivity. New F50fd have now twice as much Mpix comparing to F31fd, having same sized but now double density 12Mpix sensor is a bit consigning that now the it will probably is not going to produce same results as the F31fd . This camera as the S8000fd is featuring CCD shift mehanical optical stabilization. Camera will be available in September for about $300.

Trere are also another four new cameras coming from Fuji; FinePix Z10fd, Fujifilm FinePix Z100fd, Fujifilm FinePix F480 and Fujifilm FinePix A920. More about them tomorow.