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Fujifilm ultraslim Z5fdFujifilm silently release new ultra slim model, the Z5fd. New Fuji’s camera implements 1/2.5″ 6MP Super CCD Fuji sensor. The FD part in the new model name represents new Fujifilm Face detection technology. When FD is on camera will focus on the faces in the frame assuring that people faces will be proper exposed and in focus. Also one of the new features presented in this camera is Blog mode. In this mode camera adjust image setting for easy posting on blogs. Camera will be available in the stores in the beginning of the year in the three colors Raspberry Red, Mocha Brown and Silver. Fuji’s new digital camera presents a perfect gift to all teenagers who will welcome the easiness of making nice shoots already optimized for blogs , and easiness of publishing on the Blogging social networks quite popular at that population.