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ASK-2000 Digital PrinterIn San Antonio at the Imaging USA conference FUJIFILM announced two photo printers: the ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 Digital Printers. This printers are made for professional photographers, and they allow event, wedding and studio photographers to quickly provide pictures to customer. For example printers can print 4 x 6 inch pictures for 8 seconds and 8 x 10 inch images in 40 seconds. They can connect to laptop via USB 2.0 interface. Printers have color-correction software, witch gives giving photographers lab-quality prints regardless of their location.

Our new printers are the perfect solution for on-site event and wedding photography,” said James Riekert, Director of Marketing – Kiosks, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM U.S.A. “With today’s announcement, we’re bringing our printing expertise directly to professional photographers and giving them the solution they need to deliver beautiful, high-quality photographs to their customers almost immediately following an event.

The ASK-2000 and ASK-4000 Digital Printers have small footprints of 1.5 square feet and 1.3 square feet respectively. Operations and maintenance functions like loading paper or changing ink ribbons can be executed with the printer in place. They are ready to print at the touch of a switch.

ASK-4000 Digital Printer

The ASK-4000 Digital Printer can produce x 10-inch prints in 40 seconds, and 8 x 12-inch prints in 49 seconds. It offers edge-to-edge printing.

ASK-2000 Digital Printer

The ASK-2000 Digital Printer also offer edge-to-edge printing, and it can print images in 4 x 6-inch, 5 x 7-inch, 6 x 8-inch, 6 x 9-inch sizes. It produces 5 x 7-inch prints at 16 seconds per print, so photographers can produce up to 225 prints per hour.

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