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Fresh gadgets on CeBIT

Uncategorized author: Djuki 03.23.2007 Comments Off

CeBIT 2007 LogoYou want to to look at fresh and cool gadgets we had seen first time at this CeBIT 2007.

Samsung’s photo frame

Samsung’s photo frameSamsung Electronics made a seven inch photo frame with build in Wi-Fi, which can show images from RSS. The SPH-72P frame also work with memory cards, and it has build in USB port, so you can plug in the flash drive with images from holiday or wedding. The photo frame is compatible with Windows Vista and Media Player 11. We expect this frame in Europe in May with price of $305. The Samsung plans to show us cheaper version without the Wi-Fi which will cost $238. If 7 inch display is too small for your images, then you can use 12 inch model to show your holiday images.

Optimus Maximus

Art Lebedev show the Optimus Maximus at CeBIT 2007. The Optimus Maximus is keyboard with small OLED screens on each key. You can change key display by your self. This keyboard can be customized to different languages, so this is universal keyboard for each language and each application. This unique keyboard is very difficult to make, and it will be expensive, his price will be $1500.

Optimus Maximus

“Anyone can do a keyboard that costs $10, just simple plastic keys. But when you put displays inside the keys, you face a lot of problems. There are hundreds of problems waiting for you at every corner,” Lebedev said.