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Free Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop Express

News author: admin 03.29.2008 Comments Off

Adobe Photoshop has become a synonym for photo editing software. Extremely powerful,  but with respectable price tag.

We are witnessing that all kind of desktop home applications has got it’s online versions, now you have whole set of office tools available online ( google office), so entire office is migrating online. It was just a matter of time, for Photoshop to follow the same pattern.


Adobe corporation has officially announced free and online version of it’s widely famous photo-editing software, named Photoshop Express. Don’t expect full photoshop functionality online, actually the Photoshop Express is much more like an online version of another Adobe’s product Lightroom.

Lightroom is more suited to be used by photographers, while the Photoshop has remain the premium choice for designers and for advanced photo retouching.

So I was saying that the Photoshop Express is more like the Lightroom with even more simpler interface targeted for everyday consumers and average Joe who like to take lots of photographs with his new digital camera.

Now its quite easy to crop adjust exposure saturation or add some neat picture effects to your photos before publishing them online. Also publishing has never been easier, now you can easily create slide-shows that you can even more easily share with your friends on myspace facebook hi5…

If you are not satisfied with end result of your photo tweaking you can, with just one clik return to the original photo and start over.  Photoshop Express is offering 2GB of free space for all your photos.  That maybe doesnt seams too much, but if you compare it to the flickr’s 200 images or other systems that have other type of restrictions, this will come like a nice refreshment.

Check out ours Photoshop Express gallery.

Curenttly there are some ishues considering the rights for uploaded images on Photoshop Express service, but as the Adobe officialy stated that parts of the terms are under revision, and will be changed in new version of terms of service, I will remind that this is the Beta of the Photoshop Express.