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It’s more then obvious that the video on the Internet is the next big thing. Every day you have at least five new youtube like sites. Every day few hundred new video bloggers record their first post.

If you will decide to record some video for youtube or similar service or you want to publish it on your blog, the first thing that you will need is some kind of digital video recording device, digital camcorder. You can buy something like Sony’s new camcorder HDR-TG1 – to record video in HD format, and that kind of video start will cost you around $1000.

OR there is an option, Flip video digital camcorder. Currently Flip video camcorder is tottaly hype gadget to own. The main reason for that is that some quite popular bloggers like John Chow are using it, and writing about it on their blogs.

Also other reason for Flip’s popularity is hidden in it’s price. There are two versions of Flip video available. Flip video camcorder with 512MB internal memory which can record up to 30minutes of video in full VGA resolution. While the 1GB version can store full hour video. Cost of 512 version is only $119 while the 1GB version is only $149. Absolutely best buy for this price.

If you need a bit more quality in recorder videos there is a Flip Video Ultra version also coming it two “sizes”, 1GB and 2GB, that can record 30-60 minutes of high-quality video. Prices for Ultra are also quite affordable $149 for 1GB version and $179 for 2GB version.