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First three inch VGA LCD from Samsung

News author: Djuki 08.11.2006 Comments Off

Samsung Electronics has made first three inch LCD in the world. It is developed for digital cameras and his resolution is VGA (640 x 480). Normal LCDs have 60Hz and they are incompatible with CRT TVs witch have 30Hz. Samsung’s new LCD have 30Hz, so VGA images can be obtained from a digital camera without new interface.

This three inch LCD features a dot inversion scheme witch reducing the image flickering and lowers power consumption. Power is much lower because for 30Hz source need less power then for a 60Hz sources.

First three inch VGA LCD from Samsung

Executive Vice President Yun Jin-hyuk of Samsung Electronics said, “Our new LCD panel will make viewing of digital pictures distinctly more impressive on camera screens, personal multi-media players and other products requiring high-image resolution and low-power consumption.”

This revolution LCD will be available in the first half of 2007, but you can see it at IMID 2006 in Daegu.