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Finally Canon PowerShot S5 IS

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It was expected on the PMA07 show, but Canon hold it for few months, and now here it is, long waited successor of the Canon S3 IS. Mark4 is skipped cause the bad connotation that number four have in Japanese culture. In brief new S5 implements 8Mpix 1/2.5” (5.8mm x 4.3 mm ) CCD image sensor and Canon’s 12x zoom optical stabilized lens. There was some speculations about range of the lens in the new S5, range is from 432mm ( 35mm equiv. ) in telephoto to 36mm in wide range. 36mm in wide range is the same as the previous S3 model. There was some speculations about 24mm wide, but obvious that that kind of lens would add too much to the final price of the product. Improvements reached the LCD screen, now its diagonal is 2.5” and its still Vari-angle. I was in fear that Canon engineers does not forget the Vari-angle LCD like they do in the G class. Praiseworthy new Canon S5 have a hot-shoe allowing to connect some of the Canon’s external flashes.Canon S5 IS

Stay tuned to PG for detailed test as soon as the new S5 hit our lab.