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Eco Dell bamboo computer

Notebooks author: admin 05.01.2008 Comments Off

Eco friendly computers are the next wave in computing, reducing using lead as a material in computer components producing, reducing of power consumed are the firsts step in that direction.

Michael Dell, the CEO of the DELL computers has presented a prototype of a new DELL computer on the latest Brainstorm Green conference held by Fortune mag.

Biggest improvement is used material for computer casing, it’s made from ecological friendly Bamboo material, and not just that the case material is changed. But new DELL bamboo is the smallest desktop ever produced by DELL. It’s 80% smaller then a standard desktop PC. And it consumes 70% less electrical power.

Unfortunately Dell hasn’t revival more information about the core of the new Eco DELL, but they have announced that we can expect whole new line of DELL computers in stores in the end of this year. The price of a new Eco computer should be in a range from $500-$700.