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Duros tablet PC – anyplace anywere

Tablet PC author: admin 02.26.2008 Comments Off


Company Roper Mobile Technology has presented one extreme gadget. Duros tablet PC, as the name it self suggests, it’s made with durability in mind.
It’s designed to survive jumping and falling from meter or two, high voltage, swimming with fishes, extreme low and extreme high temperatures.utility.jpgUnlike any other laptop, Duros is designed to be carried with you. Ergonomically, the Duros is evenly balanced and has a multidirectional handgrip well as few docking mounts. The vehicle mount can transform Duros into an onboard communication center.

This tablet is equipped with 8.4 inch diagonal extreme sunlight viewable, SVGA resistive touch screen. It’s available in two processor versions, AMD Geode LX800 or Intel Celeron M 1GHz. It has 1GB of ram memory and a 64GB SSD drive. It’s running a version of Microsoft’s Windows XP operative system.

duros_laying.jpg app_duros_truck.jpgforest.jpg

For connectivity part Duros can be equipped with WI-FI, GSM, EDGE, GPS, Bluetooth, GPRS or an UMTS module. So it can be used around the globe and in your network.

PC’s technicals features are not in the range of todays high end computers, but if we consider what it can do and survive go go Duros.