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D-Link DCS-900 Series Internet Cameras

webcams author: jheLozenn 10.29.2008 Comments Off

DCS-900 SEriesWant an affordable internet camera for your web chats? D-Link International has unveiled the latest Securicam DCS-910 and DCS-920 internet cameras that come equipped with a 1.0 lux sensor to capture video in low-light conditions.

Featuring a brand-new form factor that is slimmer and more compact than its predecessors, the DSC-910 and the wireless DCS-920 enables Motion JPEG video of up to 30 frames per second to be streamed to the computer.

The latest DCS-900 series takes a departure from its previos bulky, black design to reveal a stylish form factor that enables the camera to be completed encased in the white casing, without any protruding parts. An entry-level yet full featured internet camera, the DCS-910 is a wired version, and connects to an existing 10/100 fast ethernet network in the home or office. The DCS-920, on the other hand, comes with integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi capability, allowing it to be mounted in previously inaccessible places such as ceilings and walls. It comes with WPA and WPA2 encryption for enhanced security.