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Creative TravelDock Zen Micro

Uncategorized author: Djuki 05.12.2006 Comments Off

Creative TravelDockOn the market you can find many accessories for iPod but not for other MP3 players. Creative offers Dock for Zen Micro called TravelDock. You can put even other devices, like iPod into dock input, but I recommended this dock to Zen Micro owners.

This dock has hi-tech design, and I relay like it. When is opened it becomes stand to Zen Micro to bend on it. The TravelDok is not so stable, it occasionally slides a bit and changes the angle of the speakers. Dimensions are 7 x 2 x 4 inches and weight is around one pound. Battery life is 25 hours, with two AA batteries. It comes only in white color, so you can’t have TravelDock in yours Zen Micro color, and i don’t like this. Creative could offers this dock in other colors too.

Remote is included with TravelDock
Creative TravelDock Remote control

Creative TravelDockTravelDock features remote control so you can adjust volume, navigate tracks and turn on/off for sitting in your sofa. It has FM antenna so you can listen to radio from your Zen Micro. This device also has sound-enhancement feature, when pressed the expanded button it add vibrancy to the music, and sound field is wider. This is good-looking device and you should bring TravelDock to your travel.
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