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Creative 32 GB Zen

News author: Cara 12.14.2007 Comments Off


For those who love to take a lot of music with them a small 1 GB or even 4 GB MP3 player is just not big enough. Creative has heard the cries and designed a nice sleek and stylish 32 GB model of their popular Zen MP3 player. Due out around Christmas time this sleek little package is set up and ready to go in terms of truly making people happy and keeping all of the excitement over MP3 players buzzing.

Including all of the standard features that the previous smaller models have included the Creative 32 GB Zen also includes a nifty little SD card slot so that you can add even more music to the player. In terms of space you are looking at plenty of room, the 32 GB model boasts enough room for 120 hours of video or as many as 8,000 songs. This is definitely a great little entertainment package in a tiny little wrapper.

zen_lifestyle_4.jpgSome of the other little gems packed into the Zen include things such as the 30 hour battery life for audio, the ability to sync your Outlook information so you always stay up to date and even a great little FM radio that allows you to pick out 32 presets and even a voice recorder for those urgent voice memos to yourself. With a tiny size of 3.26” x 2.16” x .44” and weighing only 2.1 ounces this is certainly the perfect present for anyone regardless of the occasion.

For those looking for something for themselves, this is a great treat as well, with a bright and bold 2.5” TFT display boasting a nice 320 x 240 pixels and 16.7 million color support your videos will look amazing no matter what you are trying to watch. With a price tag of $350 or so, it is certainly not the cheapest on the market, but the additional features that it brings to the table make it well worth the additional money. For those who are looking for a sleek and reliable MP3 player this is a mighty fierce competitor.