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Acording to site Appleinsider – the location where you can find some of the super secrets about Apples next business move or new product.

They are saying that recently presented MacBook and MacBook Pro computers are the last computers in that line, cause Apple has prepared completely redesign of their entire laptop line.

As they are claiming, allegedly the entire news is based on the inside information coming from Apple, 13 inch MacBook laptop will be the main subject of redesign. That there will be no more that nice Apple plastic case, but that it will be packed in the aluminium steel case – similar like the Pro brothers.

They are predicting similar fait for the MacBook PRO line also, it’s expected that the new PRO line will be much visually closer to the lastly presented MacBook AIR style.

There are no too much details known about redesigned, but the rumors are that new Mac computer will have more black mate surfaces, large track-pad and MacBook AIR like keyboard. The line will stay the same with 13, 15 and 17 inch models, but all computers will be thinner and a bit lighter.

These rumors about redesign can really be truth cause we are in the end of the Apple’s industrial design cycle, usually about 18-24 mounts.

Other fact that we can take as an indicator that the new MacBooks are near, is that Intel has significantly reduced physical size of their motherboards for their current chip-sets. Not just that but they are preparing new Montevina type processors on their Centrino 2 platform based on second generation of Penryn prosesors. That all will result in more raw processor power, smaller device size, longer battery life and lower heat dissipation.

So when can we expect new MacBooks? Probably in the September or October, but before that Apple corp is probably going to present next generation of the MacMini’s and iMac systems based on Penryn processors.