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How to charge your iPhone faster

How2s iphone promoted author: Ivand 01.15.2014 Comments Off

You had probably end up too many times with almost depleted battery and leaving the house in short time. Here are the couple of tips how to charge your battery faster.

Turn the airplane mode on

In airplane mode, WI-fi and GSM network parts are off, and they are the biggest consumers of the energy in the phone, thus it will change battery faster because it consumes less energy during the charge.

Turn the iPhone off completely or just don’t use it while it charges. Same as the airplane mode, but now it’s completely off.

Charge it on the power socketichargers

USB socket on your PC is providing just about 0.5A of power, while the standard iPhone charger provides about 1A – which should mean that your device will be charged twice as fast.

Additionally iPad standard charger provides more than 5A. So in theory iPad charger will charge your iPhone much much faster – strong charging current can result in battery damage so this should not be used too often just in  cases of emergency.

Charge it in colder environment

In warmer environment or near the heat source, such as a heater or in the car on the strong summer sun – iPhone battery capacity will be reduced. Stay away from the heat, ideally on room temperature and out of the cases and bumpers, to prevent heating the device during the charge.

Speed-up the USB charging

As we mentioned before USB charging is quite slower than the power socket charging, but if this is the only option. You can speed things up, with don’t sync your device during the charge and remove all the USB devices from the USB socket. Also try to prevent PC to fell in the sleep or standby mode, because that will stop the charge or greatly reduce charging current.

Keep the battery in the good shape

Lithium-ion batteries, such in the all latest devices, can recharge without so called memory effect which was a problem with the old battery types. But still if you want to keep the battery in the good shape, to be able to charge quickly and to hold its initial capacity try to empty the battery completely and charge it to the full, at least once per month.

Even these tips are for the iPhone users, almost all tips are applicable to all smartphones.