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Officially iPhone is coming to Canada

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Roger wireless, one of the Canada’s biggest mobile operator, has mentioned on their regular press conference held for presenting financial data, that they have reached an agreement with Apple corp to sell iPhone on Canadian market. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Acording to site Appleinsider – the location where you can find some of the super secrets about Apples next business move or new product.

They are saying that recently presented MacBook and MacBook Pro computers are the last computers in that line, cause Apple has prepared completely redesign of their entire laptop line.

As they are claiming, allegedly the entire news is based on the inside information coming from Apple, 13 inch MacBook laptop will be the main subject of redesign. That there will be no more that nice Apple plastic case, but that it will be packed in the aluminium steel case – similar like the Pro brothers.

They are predicting similar fait for the MacBook PRO line also, it’s expected that the new PRO line will be much visually closer to the lastly presented MacBook AIR style.

There are no too much details known about redesigned, but the rumors are that new Mac computer will have more black mate surfaces, large track-pad and MacBook AIR like keyboard. The line will stay the same with 13, 15 and 17 inch models, but all computers will be thinner and a bit lighter.

These rumors about redesign can really be truth cause we are in the end of the Apple’s industrial design cycle, usually about 18-24 mounts.

Other fact that we can take as an indicator that the new MacBooks are near, is that Intel has significantly reduced physical size of their motherboards for their current chip-sets. Not just that but they are preparing new Montevina type processors on their Centrino 2 platform based on second generation of Penryn prosesors. That all will result in more raw processor power, smaller device size, longer battery life and lower heat dissipation.

So when can we expect new MacBooks? Probably in the September or October, but before that Apple corp is probably going to present next generation of the MacMini’s and iMac systems based on Penryn processors.

Someone from Olympus’s web administration team was easy on the trigger, so this kind of text has appeared on official Olympus UK site.

So that you don’t need to carry a heavy tripod or invest extra money into every single stabilised lens, Olympus integrated a built-in image stabiliser into the camera body of the E-3, E-510 and E-520. It stabilises up to 5 EV steps (up to 4 EV steps with the E-510 and E-520), making it the most effective solution on the market. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

I wrote about Google Android phone at the World Mobile Congress, and now we have fresh news about android phones. Samsung will release two phones based on Android OS, one will be ready in September and other can be expected few mounts later. As we heard they age not going to be labeled as Samsung, they might be branded as Google phones – gPhone!

Goole phone from Samsung - gPhone Nastavi sa čitanjem →

There are lots of rumors going on Sony Alpha related forums and blogs about what will Sony corp. will present on forthcoming PMA show 08. For now there are no official information.


But Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Apple rumors predict iPhone 2.0

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iPhone rumorsWith the Christmas season upon us people everyone where are busy talking about the latest and greatest electronics and of course Apple is going to be right in the middle of the conversation.  Their portion of the electronics buzz focuses specifically around the rumors that they are gearing up to release the iPhone 2.0 which speculation thinks will be so much bigger and better than the original iPhone.  For those who have been waiting to get an iPhone it may be a good idea to wait a while since the newest version is rumored to be launching around the time of the Macworld 2008 gathering.

The bad news is that everything focused around the iPhone 2.0 is merely speculation.  Apple themselves have not actually confirmed the new version of their top selling iPhone and are instead merely turning out more models of the current version.  This however does not mean a new version is not on its way; Apple does have a small habit of keeping a few secrets so this could very well be one of them.

As the rumors continue more are likely to build and the sheer number of people talking about the potential new configurations continues to grow.  Keeping track of all of the new rumors is not always easy, but it is important to remember that while a new iPhone 2.0 sounds like a really great idea it can be a very long time before it does actually launch.  While the Macworld estimated date is a very rough estimate there are others who are speculating that it will not possibly launch until around the end of 2008.  Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New Canons DSLR are arriving

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This fall was very very busy for digital camera manufactures, the absolute peek was revealing two new Nikon’s, D300 and first Nikon’s full frame camera D3. Canon’s response was appearing of new EOS 40D. And that was not all, Sony presented it’s new Alpha A700. Olympus refreshed its lineup with E-3.The sign that the winter is not going to be quiet was first annoucement from Pentax that they will present two new DSLR bodies in January, new K20D Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Sony Alpha A700 – unofficial

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sonya700.jpgAs appears previous information leak from Sony about new DSLR cameras was definitely true. And now we are certain that the name of the new amateur DSLR body that should replace current Alpha A100 is Sony Alpha A700. Same as few week ago, when SonyStyle Canada had forgot to hide mini site for new DSC-H3 ultra zoom digital camera. Now administrators of the Sony UK official site failed to hide mini site for the next amateur DSLR body Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Canon EOS 40D – Leaked information

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8-3-07-40d_1.jpgUp till now there where really a lot of different informations and pictures regarding new Canon EOS body. Body that should replace EOS 30D, it is almost imminent that it will be called EOS 40D. By some rumors new Canon EOS 40D will appear in fall of 2007, as that date is coming the leaks and rumors becomes more intense. So we are maybe just a 20days from official release of new EOS 40D. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Many large digital camera manufacturers have already scheduled their press conferences for this fall, but in spite the wall of silence there are few information that had leaked out.


On the this years PMA show Sony has presented only prototypes of new cameras, but non of the details regarding new cameras were available. It wasn’t certain if that kind of cameras would even hit mass production, but now according to rumors Sony is preparing Nastavi sa čitanjem →