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THE BPEN – Sophisticated and Useful little buddy

autor: Ivand 21.01.2014 Comments Off

My Bondi team just launches the Bpen project on and this unique, multi function and well design is one of those crowd funding projects you like to be a part of.


During the day, most of us use an ordinary pen for our every day use and a touch pen for our Smartphone or Tablet.  From now on, we can use the B-Pen, 2 in 1. While the B-Pen is a regular pen with ink, – you just twist it and the ink tip comes out, at the other end of the B-pen, there is a special rubber tip for touch screens.


Another special use of the B-Pen is as a Smartphone prop up. At its upper end, there’s a small plug that fits into all Smart phones, tablets headphone jack So, with or without the Smartphone case, you can place your Smartphone vertically or horizontally for watching Videos, making phone calls, even Skype calls hands free!


Lior which is the BPen inventor explain

“When I got the first B-Pen prototype, I was excited to see that it actually held my Smartphone so I could use it hands free, but then I realized that at the end of the day, when  using my tablet, I had to hold it with my hands or to place it on my lap. I was constantly looking for a solution that would make my tablet use easier and more convenient. When I first tried to use the B-Pen as a tablet supporter, I realized that in order to keep it stable I have to make a stand for the B-Pen. After a few experiments, I got the perfect stand. Hi tech design, clear and heavy enough to keep the pen steady”.


From Russia with love – first Russian smartphone launched by the end of the last year. Yota Devices signs the latest player on the smartphone market.


First YotaPhone, by the Russian start-up company Yota, has battery capacity just about 18000 mAh,  but inspite that, Yota claims that YotaPhone has autonomy over 50 hours in reading mode. While in airplane mode, with networks switched of, it can last over 85 hours.


Main reason for this type of autonomy lays in the LCD screen used on the device, actually two LCD screens used. First LCD is quite similar to the all others screens that can be found on other smartphones, and second is made on eInk technology, similar to the old Kindle readers. So if you want to extend the battery life, all you have to do is to use other eInk screen.


Analysts are still quite reserved in predicting the future of Russian YotaPhone, specially when we take the retail price in consideration 19.900 Russian rubles (about 443 euros).

Universal online mannequin

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XL, L, S… one of the biggest problems in clothes online shopping, sizes. Standardized but varies from manufacturer to manufacturer from season to season. In the end you are unable to know will your new shirt will fit you and most important how will it fit you. In the end one of the every four items are returned, due to a poor fit.


Solution comes from Tartu, Estonia, where robotics section of the University of Tartu, presented a Robotic mannequin able to change its shape according to your exact dimensions.


Adidas, Hugo Boss among many others recognized the opportunity in lowering number of return shipments due to the poor fit and rise profits and user satisfaction, and start shipping their new clothes lines to the studio in Estonia, where staff dress a mannequin and then change over couple thousands combinations of hip width, chest diameter, arm length and waist size. All combinations are photographed, and stored in the database. So when you go to the entering your body size, and you can see particular item, on your body shape.

3d rendering was the previous solution for this issue, but as claims, their system is much more accurate and natural.

Meet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

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Cheaper version of the Galaxy Tab 3 tablet can be even more appealing with expensive Pro line of Samsung tablets. Galaxy Tab 3 Live is smaller more portable but again cheaper version of Samsung tablets.


Galaxy Tab 3 Lite has double core processor running on 1.2GHz with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space, with option to expand with microSD cards. LCD 7 inch diagonal screen with just 1024×600 pixels and back camera is enough for… so 2Mpix is hard enough for anything useful today. Maybe just for the video calls. In the case, in 290 grams, there is a place for 3600 mAh battery capable to power the device up to eight hours of video reproduction.

Current version of Galaxy Tab 3 is in $200 price range, and Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, should be even cheaper even though officially we don’t have any information about the price.

Bigger are getting bigger, and small are sharing crumples, Apple and Samsung are getting even larger share of the smartphone US market.


Two top manufacturers are holding over 68% of the US smartphone market, as we can see in the recent study from NPD Group. Apple with it’s new iPhone 5S and 5C line recorded the largest rise and got 42% in the Q4, growth in more then 7%. Ant the Korean company market share rose to the 26% of the market share in the Q4.

If they won, someone have to lose, and one of the biggest losers in last year was, BlackBerry company, which lost two thirds of it’s US market share. Losing row is not finished with BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC were two other losers, with LG the only other top handset manufacturer to see some year-over-year gains.


Samsung insider reveals Galaxy S5 specs

autor: Ivand 14.01.2014 Comments Off

Insider for a Korean manufacturer leaked with the specs of the next Samsung Galaxy S5 range. First of all, new Galaxy will be available in two versions – in plastic case and in metal case – where did I saw this before? ;)

It is pretty close to the existing iPhone range and Apple strategy, to cover lower part segment of the market, with iPhone 5S and plastic iPhone 5C.

According to the same source, more exclusive version with metal case, will have full metal back plate and metal on the edges – there’s still a question will the metal version carry same Galaxy S5 name.

Regarding the screen, Galaxy S5 will be equipped with AMOLED 2560×1440 pixel screen, and that it will have over 5 inches in diagonal. Inside, Galaxy S5 will be powered by Snapdragon and Exynos processors – depending from the market.

It is expected that the new S5 will run Android 4.4 KikKat and it should be equipped with 16Mpix camera, but there are still speculations about real optical image stabilization.

We are expecting to see S5 on the market in April, after the revealing in April, by the latest insider info, we are expecting Galaxy S5 Mini and Galaxy S5 Zoom on the shelves in Maj or Jun.


Smartphone applications usage has doubled in the last year, and the biggest growth driver are social networks and instant messaging applications, by the NBC News.


NBC is quoting latest research by the Flurry, and by the data growth is hidden not in more frequent usage but in more and more people using apps and smartphones.

Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and chinese WeChat are the apps with growth over 200%, just in the past year. Most of them are in the instant messaging niche, but also provides options for sharing photos, voice and video conversations.


As a bit of surprise comes in the info about the growth in email apps, but this is just following the trend of growth for the smartphone user-base. Music and video apps, has grown in 78%, and the games app are in the last position with 66%.


Samsung Galaxy S5 official unveiling in March 2014

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Samsung corp, one of the largest if not the largest competitor to Apple in the smartphone market, is there any other phone market any more, is playing aggressive on the market, releasing Samsung S3, quickly after S4, and now S5 is on it’s way.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 might arrive in March, just shortly after MWC (Mobile World Congress), at the keynote event which should be again held in London. Information is coming from Italian tech journalist Flavio Piccioni, who’s not revealing the source of these info except that the source is reliable.

Samsung just officially confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will not make an official appearance at MWC, but is still on track to getting officially unveiled by the end of April. Thous London based event in March for seems legit for the global launch of Samsung’s next big thing.


For Samsung S4 release, Samsung held a massive event were they lift the covers off the new flagship device. The keynote was held in New York’s Radio City Music Hall with a full orchestra and a theatrical troupe for the presentation.

We are holding a breath for something big, from Samsung.

Nokia’s Android phone appears as a prototype

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Photos of Nokia’s future Android based mobile handset – codename Normandy appeared sometimes by the end of last year. Now another picture surfaced on Twitter, showing “engineering prototype” with back button and the Nokia logo on a live screen.

Image is coming from, as we anticipated China, surfaced first on Weibo (Chinese social network)  showing a phone that, despite a protective case hiding some of its details, looks quite similar to the leaked images released in November. nokia-on-android

According to sources familiar with the project, the phone will use a version of Android, and a custom UI that has elements incorporated from both Windows Phone and Nokia’s low-end Asha range.

The Normandy project was previously on hold after Nokia’s purchase by Microsoft. Nokia reportedly started experimenting with Android prior to its acquisition, but it was thought the new buyers wouldn’t want to release a phone using a competitors operating system to its own Windows Phone.


The last season of the HBO’s winning series Game of Thrones ended with a blast, it isn’t over yet. First trailer for the new fourth season, starting on April 6th 2014 is here: