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How to charge your iPhone faster

autor: Ivand 15.01.2014 Comments Off

You had probably end up too many times with almost depleted battery and leaving the house in short time. Here are the couple of tips how to charge your battery faster. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Good news, Steve Jobs is back, at least for today, because he come back briefly from his medical leave.

More good news, he come back to present next generation of Apple tablet – iPad 2, on the event that we had announced earlier.New iPad generation Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Android OS now on iPhone

autor: admin 22.04.2010 1

I use iPhone, I love my iPhone, but! There is always that but…

I don’t think that there is such a closed system as the Apple iPhone, closed but so sexy – so sexy that you just want to hold it in your hands and play with it all day. Android is a bit different story. But Android phones are not looking so sexy as the iPhone, if I could just have an iPhone with the Android OS.

It is possible, hackers has presented new dualboot option for the iPhones alowing dual boot iPhone OS and Android. To cut the story short look at the video Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New Apple iPhone fourth generation – seek peek – video

autor: admin 19.04.2010 Comments Off

We were quite skeptical when we lay our eyes on the possible iPhone HD photos yesterday, but today Gizmodo is coming up with lots of images and video about the new mysterious device find in a bar in Redwood

And by the all information available this is the right thing – so you are just now looking at the Next iPhone – or it’s prototype at least. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Rumor: Iphone G4 / HD

autor: Vladimir 18.04.2010 2

Engadget has come upon some photos about possible Apple iPhone generation four or iPhone HD – cause we are not sure what name Apple will give to the next iPhone.

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Apple iPhone OS version 4 presentation annouced

autor: admin 05.04.2010 Comments Off

Apple has reinvented the phone by releasing the iPhone few years ago. That iPhone has presented a real revolution by his, still unbeatable user experience, but also by the lack of all features such that we already use to have on our (smart)phones. Such as copy/paste, MMS…

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