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Photography can be very expensive hobby in general, and we tend to focus on quite large price tag items. Camera and lenses are always top of mind for new purchase, but still there are many different accessories that can help you to improve your photography, that don’t cost so much, but can create so visible results.


First is first, you have a nice 300mm lens, but all your photos came up blurry and out of focus, good stabilization is the key. In nature and outdoor environment you cant usually find a good stance so a good tripod or monopod is essential for the perfect shoot.
Z07-2 Portable Retractable Hand-held Digital Camera Monopod Unipod is quite a good choice for under $15.

When looking for a tripod or monopod look closely about the weight and portability, because you will have to carry that thing with you, and you don’t want another dead weight on you back, and you don’t want something that will prevent you to go throe dense woods.

Another good choice is this, specially if you have more heavier equipment  Manfrotto 680B Monopod 4-SCTN Manfroto is proven and trusted brand, and it can hold up to 22.00 lbs of equipment. But still its under the $100 price tag, and also you will not be broken backed with it around.

If you want a tripod, Amazon is offering cheep solution in their essential range for under $25, as it’s lightweight, it’s not designated to hold to much weight ether – no solution for big lens nor DSLR.

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If you are a bit more serious photographer, with a bit more serious equipment, you will have to go to more reliable solutions, such as Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series 60-Inch Aluminum Tripod and Ball Head Combo for DSLR. Made for heavy lifting, but still affordable.



3 Android apps that will extend your battery life

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Battery power, or the lack of batter power is one of the biggest smartphone problems today. Phones battery is designed to last up to one day, but if you tend to use phone a bit more, you will have to carry charger with you all the time. If you are using Androd phone, there are some apps that can help you in order to extend battery life during the day.

DU Battery Saver


DU Batter Saver will help you to check the running state of battery with more details that Android OS native gives. So you will find the info how much time will be needed to charge battery to its full. Also app can scan the phone, and find the largest energy consumers, specially the background processes, killing that background apps will extend the battery time noticeably.

Android app on Google Play

Easy Battery Saver

This app offers few modes to save energy, General Saving Mode owns the basic network control, screen control and sleep schedule to meet your normal battery saving needs. Intelligent Saving Mode manage the eight different controls and smart to save more battery than general saving mode. Super Power Saving Mode adjusts your phone’s standby time. You do not need to worry about whether your phone dies at crucial moment. Advanced Customized Mode offers you more personalized options to allow Easy Battery Saver to manage applications and adjust system settings to optimize your battery efficiency.

Android app on Google Play

Battery Doctor


Battery doctor can kill all the applications that are overusing the battery power, whit’s build-in Task killer. Also it can kill the apps only when display is off, also it can predicts charging time. Also some special modes of charging in three stages. Also there is wireless/over the net/ or over the Bluetooth switch for controlling the phone. If you rooted you phone, the app will be able to utilize processor time and cut the power usage even more.

Android app on Google Play

If you are using some other solution for extending battery life on you Android, give us a hint in comments.

How to create Apple ID with out credit-card – 2014!

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Here is a simple solution how to create en Apple iTunes account and Apple ID with out using a credit card number. Why? Because there are still some countries that do not officially has iTunes support, so they credit cards are not supported.


  1. Download the latest version of the Apple iTunes software for your PC or Mac.
  2. Click on the iTunes logo in the upper right corner
  3. On the right side, find the “Top Free Apps” and chose which ever you want.
  4. Install the app, important thing is that the app is free.
  5. iTunes will ask you to provide Apple ID, find the Create Apple ID linkHT2534-CreateNew-en
  6. Enter your registration data, email, name etc, and confirm the password
  7. If you had selected a free app in the step 4. now you will have a big NONE button next to the credit card inforemove_cc_itunes
  8. Enter the remaining data and Create Apple ID
  9. Apple will congratulate you on successful registration

Now you can install all free apps from the Apple store on your iDevices.


How to charge your iPhone faster

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You had probably end up too many times with almost depleted battery and leaving the house in short time. Here are the couple of tips how to charge your battery faster. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

How to jailbreak your iOS7 device – iPhone or iPad

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One of the best Christmas presents for all iOS devices owners is jailbreak for IOS7. Evad3rs team has released full untethered jailbreak on 22nd December. Released evasion jailbreak will be able to free your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device, also jailbreak is supporting iOS7 versions u to iOS 7.0.4.


evasi0n iOS 7.x Jailbreak   official website of the evad3rs

One of the main features of the evasion jailbreak is that is totally hassle free for all users and that take only 5 minutes of your time. Nastavi sa čitanjem →