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Pentax K20D – Samsung GX20 – powerful twins

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Quite similar like Canon, Pentax marks it’s digital SLR cameras in entry class with a three digit model number while the more professional class has a markings with two digits.


On this years PMA show Pentax has presented it’s new K200D entry level DSLR and it’s more professional camera K20D. If we compare new K20D with it’s predecessor we will notice that changes made are really discrete but still very important to advanced users that are getting used to get more and more for given money. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

As I was writing about in a December last year, Pentax has been presented its new DSLR cameras on this years PMA show. K200D is a new Pentax’s digital SLR in entry-level camera class. While new Pentax K20D is prepared to be used by professionals and advanced amateurs.

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In the last quarts of the last year, Sony had announced its flagship DSLR Alpha A700, in the beginning of this year they have presented new entry level DSLR Alpha A200.


Now Sony had prepared two more Alpha DSLR bodies, Alpha A300 and Alpha A350. As you can probably assume based on the new model markings, they are meant to be positioned in some middle class, between flagship A700 and entry-level A200 Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nikon D60 – does it have what it takes?

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Nikon has released info about its new digital SLR camera D60. It’s quite obvious that the new D60 is based on D40/D40x model. The list of improvements is remarkably short, comparing to D40x. But lets take a look does new Nikon D60 have what it takes to shakeup Canons leaders position in production of entry level DLSR cameras Nastavi sa čitanjem →

As we are getting near to the beginning of one of the greatest photo related fairs in the world, PMA show 08, which opens its doors on 31Th January, we are struck by avalanche of new digital cameras. And I can be very confident to say that “that’s not all”.


Canon has announced, as we expected, the successor of the EOS 400D entry-level DSLR camera, new Canon EOS 450D. If we say that appearing of EOS 400D was a step forward, EOS 450D appearance is a big leap Nastavi sa čitanjem →

There are lots of rumors going on Sony Alpha related forums and blogs about what will Sony corp. will present on forthcoming PMA show 08. For now there are no official information.


But Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New Sony’s DSLR Alpha DSLR-A200

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Sony confirms rumors that was traveling Internet and had presented its new dSLR camera new Alpha DSLR-A200. Official presentation took place at the opening of the CES 08 fair last week in Las Vegas. Alpha A200 is coming to replace first DSLR made by Sony A100. Comparing to the predecessor Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Olympus E-3 finally

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After few official announcements, after few information leaks, Olympus has officially released it’s new DSLR camera today, new E-3 is here finally. E-3 is coming as a substitution for older E-1 model, and comparing to it new E-3 seams to be really big step forward Nastavi sa čitanjem →

d3_85_front.jpgWe had expected new dslr body from Nikon, cause there was some rumors that the production of the previous model D200 has stopped few months ago. So every body was expecting only the successor of the D200, but not only that Nikon presented totally new D300 but they surprised everyone by presenting first full-frame DSLR body the Nikon D3.

Full-frame means that the imaging sensor used in this camera body has the same dimensions as the 35mm film. What that means for photo quality, when the sensor is larger the photo receptors – pixels on the sensor are larger so they can reach more light resulting less amount of the color noise, bigger resolution and Crystal clear images in the end. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Sony Alpha A700 – officialy

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Only a year after Sony had presented his first dslr digital camera Alpha DSLR-A100, Sony releases new high end dslr body under the name Alpha DSLR-A700. Sony did not created Alpha system from a scratch, they had acquired Konica-Minolta, so all Sony’s dslr models are based on Minolta’s long experience in producing SLR cameras. Nastavi sa čitanjem →