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Photography can be very expensive hobby in general, and we tend to focus on quite large price tag items. Camera and lenses are always top of mind for new purchase, but still there are many different accessories that can help you to improve your photography, that don’t cost so much, but can create so visible results.


First is first, you have a nice 300mm lens, but all your photos came up blurry and out of focus, good stabilization is the key. In nature and outdoor environment you cant usually find a good stance so a good tripod or monopod is essential for the perfect shoot.
Z07-2 Portable Retractable Hand-held Digital Camera Monopod Unipod is quite a good choice for under $15.

When looking for a tripod or monopod look closely about the weight and portability, because you will have to carry that thing with you, and you don’t want another dead weight on you back, and you don’t want something that will prevent you to go throe dense woods.

Another good choice is this, specially if you have more heavier equipment  Manfrotto 680B Monopod 4-SCTN Manfroto is proven and trusted brand, and it can hold up to 22.00 lbs of equipment. But still its under the $100 price tag, and also you will not be broken backed with it around.

If you want a tripod, Amazon is offering cheep solution in their essential range for under $25, as it’s lightweight, it’s not designated to hold to much weight ether – no solution for big lens nor DSLR.

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If you are a bit more serious photographer, with a bit more serious equipment, you will have to go to more reliable solutions, such as Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series 60-Inch Aluminum Tripod and Ball Head Combo for DSLR. Made for heavy lifting, but still affordable.



Canon EOS 7D – my dream come true

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In cooperation with, we are able to present reviews of the latest digital cameras on the market. First preview from Fotomanijak labs is preview of the latest Canon’s EOS 7D DSLR Nastavi sa čitanjem →

There was a lot of rumors, that we are just a few days from new Canon 1D. The only question was, if the successor of the Canon’s flagship 1D is going to be Mark IV or Mark V. Cause the bad connotation of the number four in the Japan’s culture.


Today Canon corporation has presented it’s new EOS- 1D Mark IV digital camera – long anticipated successor of the EOS 1D Mark III DSLR. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nikon corporation has welcomed us with their latest flagship DSLR – Nikon D3S. As we can probably assume by the name itself, it’s upgrade for current Nikon D3 DSLR digital camera. Main improvements are based around newly developed optical CMOS sensor – unfortunately same resolution as the D3, but now with almost unthinkable ISO range – up to ISO 120.400. Also D3S comes with ability to capture HD video, only in 720p resolution unfortunately. Also image buffer has been increased so it can take up 48 RAW images comparing to only D3 18. From additional improvements, there is a new faster contrast based auto-focus system as the in-camera RAW prosecting.


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Show must go on… Canon EOS 7D

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As we had expected, Canon corp has presented it’s new DSLR camera body – named EOS

By the name 7D the first assumption will be that newly presented camera is successor of the 5D(Mark II) camera. But instead, EOS 7D is a founder of a totally new Canon’s DSLR class, closer to the full-frame DSLR now more then ever – but still not full-frame. New EOS 7D is placed someware between existing EOS 50D DSLR body and fullframe 5D DSLR body class. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nikon corporation has officially announced their latest DSLR camera – Nikon D5000. I would lied if I say that I’m surprised by that, cause there was some quite loud rumors with photos of new D5000. Nikon has chosen Dubrovnik exclusive holiday place on Croatia seaside to shoot the promo video for the today presented DSLR.

By the name of this DSLR camera we can assume that Nikon is starting a completely new line in their DSLR lineup – DSLRs with the swivel LCD screens. Usually the LCD on the DSLR camera has been used only for reviewing already made photo. But today with LiveView available in almost every camera that trend has been changed.

Nikon is not the first DSLR manufacturer who have published DSLR with tilt LCD, we have saw that already on some Olympus and Sony models. Judging by that trend, I’m more then sure that we will see something similar coming from Canon soon enough.

In general Nikon D500 was made to cary on the battle in the entry level DSLR class with it’s main competitor Canon EOS 500D. While it has found it’s place somewhere in between the D90 and D60 Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Digital photography site has released information, unofficial, about the next Canon’s DSLR body. Not just that they are prediction presentation of the new DSLR body, but entire new class even below the current Canon’s DSLR entry level class.


Some limited information has appeared in the beginning of the year about alleged preparation of the new entry level Canon DSLR, but that kind of rumors are frequent and usually more reflecting users wishes then real information from manofacturers. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Someone from Olympus’s web administration team was easy on the trigger, so this kind of text has appeared on official Olympus UK site.

So that you don’t need to carry a heavy tripod or invest extra money into every single stabilised lens, Olympus integrated a built-in image stabiliser into the camera body of the E-3, E-510 and E-520. It stabilises up to 5 EV steps (up to 4 EV steps with the E-510 and E-520), making it the most effective solution on the market. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Avalanche of the new digital cameras has no end. Olympus had presented yesterday it’s new compact DSLR in the entry-level class, new Olympus E420.


Even previous Olympus’s model in entry-level class was quite compact, new E420 is Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nikon D300 – banding problem again???

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Soon after sale has begun for Nikons D300 predecessor – Nikon D200. Some of the users has been reported strange vertical banding problem. At first Nikon was denying existence of this problem. After a mount they have official acknowledged that the banding problem exists with D200.


As the solution Nikon has offered free repair to the all D200 owners, who’s camera was affected. Repairing was free but you should send your brand new dysfunctional camera to the service and wait for repairs.

Why we are talking about that problems with D200, cause now Nikon has exactly same problem with D300 digital camera. Nastavi sa čitanjem →