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Rumor: Iphone G4 / HD

autor: Vladimir 18.04.2010 2

Engadget has come upon some photos about possible Apple iPhone generation four or iPhone HD – cause we are not sure what name Apple will give to the next iPhone.

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Apple iPhone OS version 4 presentation annouced

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Apple has reinvented the phone by releasing the iPhone few years ago. That iPhone has presented a real revolution by his, still unbeatable user experience, but also by the lack of all features such that we already use to have on our (smart)phones. Such as copy/paste, MMS…

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iPod nano – take photos with you iPod

autor: admin 22.09.2009 5

It’s true that previous three generations of iPod nano has ability to take you photos with you on your favourite music player. But now the latest generation of iPod nano has ability to take photos, with it’s built in camera. It’s quite strange cause one of the official statements of the Apple corp was that iPod is not going to have camera ever.


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The new line of Macbook Pro is now released. And it only proves that the leaked photos of Macbook is true. The rumored Macbook Touch Screen was not included in the release. Anyway it might be released soon. Who knows ?

Apple’s also put in some effort on slimming down the computer, bringing it down to a mere 0.95-inches thick (though at 5.5 pounds it’s a hair heavier than the original)

MacBook Pro

The specs as per Engadget

the specs. Apple’s using NVIDIA’s new 9400M GPU + chipset 1-2 punch for integrated graphics, supplemented by 9600M GT switchable discreet graphics chip for heavy lifting, and pumping out those graphics over a Mini DisplayPort connector, if you’d like to supplement the LED backlit screen. As expected there’s an SSD option, with drive accessible underneath the battery. The 15.4-inch base model retails for $1999, with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and both GPUs. Step up to $2499 and you get a faster CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD. The 17-inch MacBook Pro comes in a similar configuration with a 2.6GHz processor, starting at $2799, but sans the redesign and GPU love. Hit the jump for a breakdown of the configurations.

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The date of iPhone 3G presentation is confirmed!

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Gizmodo, one of the most popular gadget related blogs claims that they have a source inside Apple corp that states that the new iPhone 3G will be presented on the WWDC conference starting on June 9th.

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The rumors and news about iPhone shortage is getting louder and louder. I think that the absolute last drop is the official Apple online store which has marked iPhone as “Unavailable“.

iphone no more

The Unavailable state is referred on both 8 and 16 GB versions. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

iPhone version 2 – first in Austria?

autor: admin 06.05.2008 2

Der Standard, Austrian news portal has publised news story about iPhone. The news was about a Austrian T-mobile press conference, where the T-mobile is stating that the Austria will be the first country where the next generation of the iPhone will be released.

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Officially iPhone is coming to Canada

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Roger wireless, one of the Canada’s biggest mobile operator, has mentioned on their regular press conference held for presenting financial data, that they have reached an agreement with Apple corp to sell iPhone on Canadian market. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Acording to site Appleinsider – the location where you can find some of the super secrets about Apples next business move or new product.

They are saying that recently presented MacBook and MacBook Pro computers are the last computers in that line, cause Apple has prepared completely redesign of their entire laptop line.

As they are claiming, allegedly the entire news is based on the inside information coming from Apple, 13 inch MacBook laptop will be the main subject of redesign. That there will be no more that nice Apple plastic case, but that it will be packed in the aluminium steel case – similar like the Pro brothers.

They are predicting similar fait for the MacBook PRO line also, it’s expected that the new PRO line will be much visually closer to the lastly presented MacBook AIR style.

There are no too much details known about redesigned, but the rumors are that new Mac computer will have more black mate surfaces, large track-pad and MacBook AIR like keyboard. The line will stay the same with 13, 15 and 17 inch models, but all computers will be thinner and a bit lighter.

These rumors about redesign can really be truth cause we are in the end of the Apple’s industrial design cycle, usually about 18-24 mounts.

Other fact that we can take as an indicator that the new MacBooks are near, is that Intel has significantly reduced physical size of their motherboards for their current chip-sets. Not just that but they are preparing new Montevina type processors on their Centrino 2 platform based on second generation of Penryn prosesors. That all will result in more raw processor power, smaller device size, longer battery life and lower heat dissipation.

So when can we expect new MacBooks? Probably in the September or October, but before that Apple corp is probably going to present next generation of the MacMini’s and iMac systems based on Penryn processors.

Shortage of iPhones in Apple stores in USA and delayed shipping from Apple online store has started new avalanche of rumors.

There are lots of rumors that Apple is selling out its stock in order to launch new iPhone version – often called iPhone 2.0 . Why are there so many speculations about next iPhone Nastavi sa čitanjem →