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Casios EXILIM Pro EX-F1 digital camera is coming

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I was writing about absolutely fastest digital camera in the world, no it’s not Canon it’s not Nikon it’s Casio! Prototype of that digital camera was presented by CASIO on the IFA – a consumer electronics show in Berlin on August 31 2007. This camera is offering by now totally unseen speed performance it can shoot images in full 6 Megapixel resolution at 60fps, and capture video in VGA resolution in 300fps.In the meanwhile Popular Science magazine crew have a chance to test the prototype and to record video clip in full VGA resolution at imaginary 300 fps. Just to remind you that Casio’s F1 camera can record in that speed cause it uses ultra fast Sony’s image sensor and super fast image processor that Casio have build just for this camera. Thanks to super fast processor camera can record in Full 6Mpix resolution in totally but totally unseen 60 fps!

Look the test video in super slow motion, original is recorder at 300fps in full VGA.
[youtube SGup3Q3D7XQ]

The latest news from this years CES fair, is that EXILIM Pro EX-F1 camera is hitting mass production, and will be available in the stores in this March. Price for this extraordinary camera will be about $1000. At first glance price tag can look too big for prosumer digital camera, but in the other hand his camera is providing top performance and really don’t have competition.