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Casio is the first who had implemented Sony’s new IMX017CQE CMOS image sensor presented earlyer this year. Sensor it self is capable to produce 60 frames per second ( about 380 Megapixels per second ;) ) at full 6 Megapixel resolution, and incredible 300 frames per second at VGA resolution. Up till now none of the manufacturers that are using Sony’s imaging sensor did not reveal that they are making or that they have been made digital camera with this sensor.


The first prototype of camera that implements IMX016CQE is presented by CASIO on the IFA – a consumer electronics show in Berlin on August 31 2007. This camera is offering by now totally unseen speed performance it can shoot images in full 6 Megapixel resolution at 60fps, and capture video in VGA resolution in 300fps.

To process that amount of information comming from sensor Casio had to develop high speed LSI image processor. There are no information about when we can expect mass production of new Casio digital camera. But one thing in certain that we can soon expect response from other digital camera manufacturers, that are using Sony’s sensors, with similar solutions for this high speed sensor.