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Canon’s triple A for year 2008 – PowerShot A470, A580 and A590 IS

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Releasing of new entry level DSLR camera, EOS 450D is not all that Canon had prepared for this years PMA show. The compact digital camera class – Canon’s A class, has got three new members.


We will start with the most affordable model, Canon PowerShot A470, its coming to replace current A450 and A460 digital cameras. Thank you Canon, new A470 is look much more like a camera and less like a brick. The positive change in body design is not all that this model has new.

PowerShot A470 is now coming with improved optical CCD sensor with 7.1 Mpix, thats two more then the previous A460, more Mpix demands more processor power to process image data, so new A470 implements latest DIGIC III generation image processor. Lens used on this camera is capable to zoom up to 3.4x ( 38-132mm 35mm equivalent ), that is a bit less then previous 4x zoom lens that A460 had. And if we turn, now much more stylish camera body, you will notice that optical viewfinder is gone, and the LCD got bigger. A470 now have 2.5 inch diagonal LCD screen.

If you look at those specs it doesn’t look to impressive, but you have to take in consideration that that whole pack costs just $130, so if you’re budget limited, Canon PowerShot A470 is probably the best choice.


Next are PowerShot A580 and A590IS, both are settled in the next price range. Obliviously that Canons designers and engineers didn’t want to experiment too much. So by the body looks they are quite similar to the previous models A560 and A570IS. But still the list of improvements are significant. New optical sensor is used, now with 8Mpix, used lens stayed. So A560 and A580 are using the same 4x zoom lens, while the A570IS as the A590IS are using optically stabilized 4x zoom lens. Both lenses have same 35-140mm equivalent focal length. Also the LCD screen used are the same as before, so where are those improvements you may ask?


Main improvements are made on the internal software – firmware of those digital cameras. So all newly presented digital cameras have latest generation of the facial detection software, automatically detects, tracks, focuses and optimizes the exposure on up-to nine forward looking human faces in the frame or can lock onto a specific face in the crowd, ensuring that all (or one) are in focus and properly exposed. Also new A-series cameras now use Face Detection Technology to improve white balance, providing more consistent color accuracy than earlier models.

Besides face detection technology, AF system was upgraded – the previous version was more then great but in some cases to slow. Also all those small cameras that has flash close to the lens suffers for the redeye syndrome, Canon upgraded its firmware so now just forget about those ugly redeyed vampire like photos.


All three of Canons new digital cameras will be available in March, the price for Powershot A580 will be around $150 while its stronger optically stabilized brother A590IS will be sold for about $180.

If you want best value for you bucks I will advise to go for the A590IS, cause real optical stabilization will significantly reduce the amount of blurry photos, and also A590IS is coming in nit graphite black color ;)