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Hot hot hot news from Nederlands, Canon had a press conference and they had presented no less then 8 ( eight ) new digital cameras and few new lenses.


First of all the thing that the whole world was waiting for – New EOS 40D – the rumors was true almost in every details except the announced price for body only is $1,299 in US or 1,299 euros in EU. All other things are exactly as we expected, it uses 10.1Mpix APS-C CMOS sensor, it shoots up to 6.5 frames in second and have increased buffer of 75 JPGs. New AutoFocus system is embedded with new 9 cross-type sensors. Of course that new camera have DIGIC III it was expected – all new Canon models are. New EOS 40D have large 3.0” display, and that pictures that have appeared earlier was genuine. Also there was no doubt that it will be using EOS ICS – ultrasonic dust sensor cleaning. New camera also have a bigger – compared to previous EOS 30D and brighter viewfinder, but it also have the capability of shooting with Live-Preview using only back display and not looking in the viewfinder.


Some of us was expecting new version of the EOS 5D full-frame body, but instead we got the whole new full-frame digital body new EOS 1Ds Mark III. The specifications for this model are looking absolutely stunning, it has 21.1 Mpix full-frame optical sensor, you read it good 21.1 Mega pixels sensor. These kind of resolutions was reserved only for medium-format cameras but now, thanks to Canon, we have it on the 35mm. All of the 1D bodes are made to survive the nuclear war, and this is exactly the same. New EOS 1Ds Mark III is the exactly the same as the previous model EOS 1D Mark III except used sensor, that was resulting bigger viewfinder and UDMA support for CompactFlash memory cards.Not that Canon prepared only new DSLR bodes for this presentation, but they have prepared few new optically stabilized lenses. They have released the Canon EF 14 mm F2.8 L II USM, Canon EF-S 18-55 mm IS and 55-250 mm IS.

We are preparing detailed preview of all new DSLR bodes and lenses, so visit us soon. Also for previews of the other prosumer and p&s cameras visit other article on PG.