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Canon’s VIXIA HV30 is the latest HD video camcorder offered by Canon corp. While the Sony’s new Sony HDR-TG1 is expensive luxury amateur camcorder, HV30 is a powerful tool designated for those who like to take full control over recorder material.
As Canon stated H30 is a cam for “knowledgeable and demanding videographers the ultimate in HD video and digital photo quality”.
Premium HD video quality is guarantied by using FULL HD CMOS optical sensor (1920 x 1080). Also Canon has developed special type of image processors for digital camcorders named DIGIC DV II – DIGIC is a quite familiar name in digital photography and it stands for premium image quality. I’m more then sure that the DIGIC DV will result same in motion pictures.

Great sensor, good internal video processing is not enough to produce great results, one of the most important thing is optical lens. And HV30 has great lens, over 50 years of Canon’s experience in lens manufacture is a guarantee that 10x optical zoom HD Genuine Canon Optical lens with Super Range optical stabilization and instant auto focus will be the brightest point.

The VIXIA HV30 is the HD camcorder to go along with everything else in your HD world. It captures true 1080p HD resolution video in 16:9 format, on MiniDV cassettes. While it’s a HD camcorder it can still record video footage in standard SD video resolution, to be reviewed on non HD TVs.

HD video, cause it’s big resolution is very sensitive to missed focus, knowing that thing Canon has developed special Instant AF focus system. It uses external sensor just for AF purpose, allowing accurate AF results even in the low light conditions.

The viewfinder has become an obsolete thing, on newer HD camcorders, specially when you have 2.7 inch Multi-Angle wide screen LCD display. Using a hard coat AR surface and improved color reproduction, the scene in the viewfinder is more accurate to what you’re capturing in the camcorder.

VIXIA HV30 uses IEEE 1394 protocol (firewire), there’s no loss of picture or audio quality in the process of transferring recorded video to computer.

While the Sony’s HDR-TG1 was just expensive luxury cam for it’s price (around $900), Canon VIXIA HV30 worth every penny of that price (around $1000).

Apart from the similar price, those camcorders doesn’t have anything in common, while HDR-TG1 is a perfect gadget for those rich gadget maniacs, Canon H30 is a working mule designated for HD videographers with high demands.