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The Canon corp has announced three new digital cameras in the ultra compact class. Entire Canons ultra compact class we can separate on two subclasses IXUS cameras. First, the top of the line IXUS cameras with three digits in it’s mark, like newly presented IXUS 970IS or PowerShot SD890IS – how it will be called on American market. And second even smaller then other IXUSs with two figures in mark, like newly presented IXUS 90IS (Powershot SD790) and IXUS 85IS (Powershot SD770).

IXUS 970 IS – Powershot SD890 IS


SD890 IS is the only new model presented in the strongest class, and it’s representing currently all that Canon have to offer in such a small package.

Comparing to it’s predecessor new IXUS 970IS has a new optical lens, first time in IXUS class with 5x optical zoom – 35mm equivalent 37 – 185 mm. Zoom range has become larger, but unfortunately the “grow” was mainly in telephoto area and not in the wide part of the lens. A bit wider lens will give this camera much better prospective on the market – maybe next model.

Optical sensor used is new, CCD sensor with 10 Megapixels resolution, with maximum ISO 3200 – I just want to see that image that’s taken with ISO3200 – don’t expect to much from that kind of an image. You just can not expect anything useful from ISO3200 on a small 6.2 x 4.6 mm – 1/2.3 “ sensor.


Next generation of optical stabilization, new much more efficient. The rest of improvements are made on the camera software. Improved face detection, enhanced auto-focus now operational in much darker situations.

Also another big improvement is new kind of UI controls, on the back side of the camera, navigational buttons are replaced now with the navigational wheel, like on the PowerShot SX100IS. User who had used this type of navigation before stated that it’s much easier and faster to operate camera with the wheel than with separate navigational buttons.