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Canon Rebel XSi

Uncategorized author: Cara 02.17.2008 Comments Off

One of the newest DSLR camera’s on the market is the new Canon Rebel XSi, which is bringing some really incredible features together. With a bit of a steep price tag that floats around the area of $800-$900 this is certainly not a camera for the light hearted, however this is not a camera for the light hearted regardless with all of the features that are available. For those who are looking for a crystal clear picture the impressive 12.2 megapixel gives you plenty of options without breaking your bank account.

Canon Rebel XSi

Additional features that help to secure this camera, as one of your favorites is the 3.5 fps shot rate, which offers a very nice 45 images in JPEG burst mode. RAW mode is a bit slower with only 6 images in burst mode however, which is a bit of a negative aspect for many but still a relatively nice number. To ensure you can see exactly what you are shooting the camera includes a 3-inch preview window that also serves to give you all of the information about the camera as well which can become a bit crowded but for the normal user is nothing to become upset over.

With a nice DIGIC III image processor combined with the 12.2 megapixel capacity in conjunction with the standard SD/SDHC memory chip compatibility this is a camera that will last you a very long time. With the ability to switch out and change the lenses just as with other standard SLR cameras this is a camera that you can easily adjust and adapt to fit your exact needs without any problems. If you look to purchase the camera with the included lens you are looking to receive a EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens which can help you to get started quite nicely until you can afford to add the additional lenses that you like.