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Canon Realis SX7 and the X700

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.09.2007 Comments Off

sx7_front.jpgLook at the great news, those who love projectors are about to be really excited. Canon has released a new Realis SX7 and another great projector the X700. These two projectors are a really great product that Canon is releasing. With the 4,000 ANSI lumens these projectors are able to display anything you want, wherever you want. Both projectors offer the 4,000 lumens, which is a great benefit that gives you so many options as to the usage.

With the SX7 targeted towards heavy professionals especially those in photography, graphics, and other fields this is the perfect option for those who need incredible amounts of power wrapped into a small package. With HD ability, the SX7 is certainly not coming in cheap at a hefty price tag in the $7,000 range. While many may enjoy using projectors this is certainly not for the weak at heart.

The X700 is a bit more affordable for those looking for a good quality projector. With a nice screen resolution of 1024 x 768 this model includes three stereo audio inputs and several stereo audio outputs to help ensure that your presentation looks the best possible. With a cheaper price tag of only around $4,000, the X700 is a much cheaper option that still gives you plenty of options.

x700_front.jpgWith an emphasis placed on having extremely accurate and crisp colors these projectors are perfect for professionals who are looking for ways to display presentations that is professional, crisp, bright, and easy to use. While some people struggle along with older projectors these two projectors, make the perfect time to upgrade to a newer model that offers all of the new features that make life much easier and your presentations look so much better.

While the prices are a bit of a set back, professionals all agree that they are well worth the money for the quality that they bring. Choosing the best model for your needs is sometimes the biggest hassle. For those seeking a good quality projector with no need for HD functions the Canon X700 makes the perfect option. For those who do need the ability to do HD presentations then the Canon SX7 is the perfect option to stay up to date and looking good.