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Canon new lineup ready for PMA07

News author: admin 02.23.2007 3

pma072.gifYesterday Canon was presenting another add on to their lineup. First of all, Canon presented new EOS-1D Mark III, top of the line professional dslr camera.
But that is not all, there are two new cameras in the Canon A class designed for easy family use. New Canon PowerShot A560 and Canon PowerShot A570IS. Also there are two new cameras in Canons ultra-compact IXUS class, there is new Canon IXUS 70 ( called SD750 on some markets ) and new Canon IXUS 75 ( called SD1000 on some markets ). Also on the end but maybe the most interesting new camera coming from Canon is Canon Powershot TX-1.

Canon Powershot TX-1


At the first glance new TX-1 is looking more like a digital miniDV camera then regular digital camera. Not only it looks like miniDV camera it have features of it too. TX-1 is capable to record 30fps HDTV 720p wide screen (16:9) movies. Not only recording, camera can connect to HDTV and reproduce recorded materials. Like all other presented Canon cameras yesterday, this one is also using 7.1 Mpix image sensor. Used lens in this camera is 10x zoom lens with optical stabilization, very interesting by construction cause when the camera is off, there is no visible lens sticking out of the camera body. Allowin to pack the ultra compact body in your pocket even easier.
The brain of the new TX-1 is latest generation of the Canons famous DIGIC III image processor. This became standard in all new Canon cameras, bringing faster smoother image processing and faster auto focus.

Canon Powershot A560 and A570IS

Both presented cameras in A class are using same optical sensor with 7.1Mpix and same 4x optical zoom lens. Only difference tween them is real optical stabilization implemented into Powershot A570IS. Also all cameras new Canon cameras, as this two are using improved DIGIC III image processor, until now available in Powershot G7. Both cameras are implementing large 2.5” diagonal LCD display. We are expecting cameras in our lab so stay tuned for detailed review-test.

Canon IXUS 70 – Canon SD850, Canon IXUS 75 – Canon SD1000ixus75.jpgixus70.jpg

Among the new models coming from Canon, there are two representatives in ultra-compact class. Main features of new cameras are 7.1Mpix sensor, excellent 3x zoom lens. DIGIC III processor found its way into this class too, so both cameras are using it. Basic difference tween these two camera is huge 3” LCD screen on the back off the IXUS 75 while IXUS 70 is using a bit smaller 2.5” LCD. The Ixus 75 is the thinest camera ever produced in Canon, its thick only 19.4mm – or it’s thin.