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Not only that they surprise us with two new models in the professional DSLR class, but they have prepared few surprises for the rest of us too.


g9-rear.jpgJust a year ago from the official presentation of it’s predecessor the PowerShot G7, Canon releases new substitute model new PowerShot G9. Main improvements are made by user feedback on G7, the biggest lack of the G7 was lacking of the RAW image format. That is now fixed in new Powershot G9, also new camera have bigger and brighter 3” diagonal LCD. Also Canon boost up the number of megapixel so now G9 have 1/1.7 inch optical sensor with no less then 12.7 Mpix. On previous model users had few complains about the ergonomic of the camera body, that is also fixed not the grip is a bit bigger with nice rubber part for fingers. Optical stabilized 6x zoom lens is the same as on the previous model.

In ultra compact class of digital cameras there are two new improved models, first the IXUS 960IS and the IXUS 860IS. First of all to prevent further mix up, IXUS 960IS is called PowerShot SD950IS on the North American market. While the IXUS 860IS can be found under the name PowerShot SD870IS. Now when we are not confused??? with Canon’s new models markings we can continue.


ixus960is-back.jpgIXUS 960IS is coming as the successor of the last years IXUS 900Ti ( SD900 in US ). Optical stabilization is just the thing what former model lacks to be even better. And not just that, zoom range has grown to 3.7x zoom and Canon boost image sensor on this model too. So now who doesn’t want buy former model cause it had only 10Mpix, now can make no complaint.


ixus860is-back.jpgIXUS 860IS is a successor of “old” IXUS 850IS, in this case former model already had optical stabilization lens, so upgrading was simply replacing optical sensor with new one with 8 Mpix, and it now has 3” LCD which is bigger and brighter and it takes almost whole back site of this ultra compact.Is that all? NO! Canon has prepared few more surprises the successor of the PowerShot A710IS called A720IS, and as the newest addition to A6XX class is a new PowerShot A650IS. And for the first time Canon have camera in the entry-level ultra zoom class, new PowerShot SX100IS.