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As we are getting near to the beginning of one of the greatest photo related fairs in the world, PMA show 08, which opens its doors on 31Th January, we are struck by avalanche of new digital cameras. And I can be very confident to say that “that’s not all”.


Canon has announced, as we expected, the successor of the EOS 400D entry-level DSLR camera, new Canon EOS 450D. If we say that appearing of EOS 400D was a step forward, EOS 450D appearance is a big leap forward.

Moment when Canon has presented EOS 300D, in 2003 marks the beginning of the total new era in producing digital SLR cameras. Canon EOS 300D was the pioneer of the entry level class, cheep affordable and widely accessible, DSLR cameras.


Compact, plastic body, lack of advanced functions, and affordable price below the magic price of $1000 where just what was people where seeking. Market success was imminent.

In its prePMA announcements Canon has presented fourth generation of its affordable DSLR camera. And while EOS 400D had only few improvements, newly presented EOS 450D has pretty looong list of important improvements.

  • CMOS optical sensor with 12.2 Mpix ( 10Mpix, 400D )
  • SD/SDHC memory card support ( 400D uses CompactFlash format cards )
  • bigger optical viewfinder
  • 3 inch diagonal LCD with Live-preview option
  • improved AF system in 9 points
  • spot light metering, finally !
  • burst with 3.5fps with buffer of 53 shoots in JPEG or 6 in RAW format
  • ISO settings are finally in the viewfinder and even have its own designated button
  • new bigger capacity battery , incompatible with previous models
  • redesigned battery pack (BG-E5), also incompatible with predecessors (BG-E3)


As you can see the list is quite long and impressive. Obviously that Canon have all it needs for you to want to replace your old 350D or 400D.

New EOS 450D is expected in stores in a month, announced price is about for $799 American market for body only, while body will be available in Europe for €749. EOS 450D will be available in kit version also with good now optical stabilized 18-55mm IS, a price for kit in us is $899 while in Europe it will be €849.