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8-3-07-40d_1.jpgUp till now there where really a lot of different informations and pictures regarding new Canon EOS body. Body that should replace EOS 30D, it is almost imminent that it will be called EOS 40D. By some rumors new Canon EOS 40D will appear in fall of 2007, as that date is coming the leaks and rumors becomes more intense. So we are maybe just a 20days from official release of new EOS 40D.

There are few images that are cruising the forums that should be new Canon camera. It is really impossible to track the origin of that pictures but, by they looks I will assume that they are real. They are not revealing too much, just that new 40D will have large 3” LCD display, three custom settings on the mode dial and that ISO settings can be finally found in the viewfinder. There are few speculations about optical sensor that new 40D is going to use, some rumors say that it will use 12Mpix sensor, but I quite skeptical for that idea. Much more reasonable is other rumor that new 40D is going to use 10.1Mpix sensor, same number of Mpix as the EOS 1D Mark III and EOS400D, but still less then fullframe camera EOS 5D. Also all competitors are using 10Mpix sensor. If the new 40D got the 12Mpix sensor the sales of the EOS 5D model will be greatly endangered. However new camera will use APS-C sized sensor what will result staying with the EF-S lens mount.8-3-07-40d_2.jpg

Also ultrasonic dust cleaning on sensor is presented in the entry level EOS 400D ( Rebel XTi ) so will be probably embedded on new 40D. There are also some speculations that “Live Preview” will be possible on new 40D, top of the line 1D Mark III has it already, for that we will have to wait and see. It will use new DIGIC III image processor, what will result lower amount of noise and faster processing, faster memory card writing and shorter lag times. Increased buffer size is a must.

And now the question of price, some documents say that the EOS 40D body will be available for $1500, this is most likely, matching competitor Nikon D200 is selling for $1500. So Canon will probably sell 40D just a dollar or two under the price of D200 camera.

You can see other images currently available enclosed in the post.

40d_vf.gif 40d-dial.gif8-3-07-40d_3.jpg