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There was a lot of rumors, that we are just a few days from new Canon 1D. The only question was, if the successor of the Canon’s flagship 1D is going to be Mark IV or Mark V. Cause the bad connotation of the number four in the Japan’s culture.


Today Canon corporation has presented it’s new EOS- 1D Mark IV digital camera – long anticipated successor of the EOS 1D Mark III DSLR.

Main improvement, similar like on new Nikon D3S is totally brand new auto-focus system, with focus in 45 points. New auto-focus system, as Canon clams, should eliminate all the problems that users of 1D Mark III had. Besides the new auto-focus system, 1D Mk IV is featuring new CMOS optical sensor APS-H sized (1.3 crop) with 16.1 megapiksels. Besides over 50% resolution increasing, new sensor, has ability to capture video. Not just video, but FULL 1080p HD video – at maximal 30 fps. While in the smaller 720p HD resolution it can provide up to 60 fps.


Similar as the newly presented Nikon D3S, Canon EOS 1D Mark IV is moving boundaries in usable ISO range. New optical sensor allows ISO from ISO100 up to ISO12800. With ISO expansion, it can take photos on ISO50 up to the ISO102400. Guarantee the the ISO boost is not only marketing thing, but that the HI ISO values will be usable in everyday work is new optical sensor construction. Increased size of usable surface of every pixel allows “packing up” more usable pixels on the same size sensor surface, but still keeping color noise under control. At extremely high ISO values there is no way to prevent color noise, but it can be cleaned. For good cleaning there are two DIGIC IV processors. Two parallel DIGIC 4 processors was a must, in spite the 50% resolution increasing maximal burst speed remained at 10 fps.

Nikon has raised the bar with new D3S, response from Canon was more then expected. Judging by the feature lists Canon EOS-1D Mk IV overcomes new Nikon D3S, faster burst speed, higher video resolution are just few obvious things. But thats all just on paper, we will have to wait for both cameras and then listen the users to make a final judgement.

Official sample photos are available on Canon site.

Great video about new Canons 1D Mk 4 auto-focus system