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Digital photography site has released information, unofficial, about the next Canon’s DSLR body. Not just that they are prediction presentation of the new DSLR body, but entire new class even below the current Canon’s DSLR entry level class.


Some limited information has appeared in the beginning of the year about alleged preparation of the new entry level Canon DSLR, but that kind of rumors are frequent and usually more reflecting users wishes then real information from manofacturers.

Canon has released the new version of the Digital Photo Profcanon-eos-300d-350d-400d-450d-1000dessional software for working with RAW files from Canon’s DSLRs. Somewhere in the specs of the new 3.4 version of DPP there is an point that the this version is compatible with Digital Rebel XS / EOS 1000D digital camera. The only problem is that kind of camera does not exist, or it exists but still it’s not published.

Besides the name of the new DSLR EOS 1000D there are no other information. But from the model number we can draw few conclusions.

While they were produced in the 90′, Canon’s DSLR models with four numbers in their mark were the cheap entry level film cameras, while he professional class was caring only one number in the model name.

As the manufacturer has started to produce digital SLRs, flagship DSRL has stayed with only one number in the model name 1D, 5D, but Canon has created second prosumer class with two numbers in the model name.

That kind of prosumer class was/is aiming to the advanced/richer photo amateurs and professionals with limited budget, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D.

With EOS 300D, Canon was recreating the DSLR history, 300D was the first DSLR under the magic $1000 price limit. That was the also the firstborn in the new entry level DSLR class, compact, too compact, plastic bodes, with out advanced functions, but extremely affordable.

After the presentation of the last DSLR in the entry level class EOS 450D, Canon was moving the bar much higher to the professional class. EOS 450D is the closest to the professional class as it can be.

Even after the new 450D was hit the stores, 400D and 350D were still avaliable, of course by the new lower price. The demand for 400D and 350D is still significant.

So based on all that, what we can expect from next EOS 1000D?

Too small compact plastic body, like 350D, previous generation optical sensor like that used 350D, but also some improvements probably in the internal image processing.

The price for EOS 350D body is about $400, and we can expect that the Canon will offer next EOS 1000D at some similar price, while the 350D will finally will be retired.