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Canon announces PowerShot SD1100 IS – IXUS 80IS

Uncategorized author: admin 01.29.2008 Comments Off


We had seen what Canon had prepared in entry level DSLR class as in the compact class. But they have prepared just one more new camera in ultra compact class, new IXUS 80IS aka PowerShot SD1100 IS. Before announcement of IXUS 80IS there was clear difference tween the more compact IXUS XX class and the bigger but usually stabilized IXUS XXX camera class. Now, obviously this line is smudged by the appearance of stabilized IXUS 80 IS. And the stabilization is almost, beside some interventions that are made on the cameras firmware, only thing the differs this camera to its predecessor IXUS 75.


Basics specs of the new IXUS 80IS / PowerShot SD1100 IS:

  • 8Mpix CCD optical sensor
  • 3x optically stabilized zoom lens
  • 2.5-inch diagonal LCD
  • improved face detection
  • Up to ISO 1600
  • Available in a range of colors


New ultraslick IXUS will hit the stores in March and the price will be about $250. Question is that worth it?

If you ask me defiantly! IXUS is a still only camera in the market that will produce great photos on one button touch. You don’t have to know anything about photography, ISO settings, white balance, just simply press the magic button and results are here and my good, they are perfect.